During the school summer holidays we understand how important it is to keep children outside and active. Fit For Sport Activity Camps are a fun and healthy alternative to traditional holiday clubs, offering an engaging approach to childcare over the summer.

What's on in your area?

Throwing and Catching

A hand/eye coordination throwing and catching challenge. These require good hand / eye co-ordination and muscular endurance.

Jumping Co-ordination

A body co-ordination jumping challenge Challenges which require rhythm, physical co-ordination, cardio-vascular endurance, agility & strength.

Agility Running

An agility running challenge that require speed, physical co-ordination, cardio-vascular endurance and power.

Benefits of the Challenge.

The physical activity challenges that the children carry out are simple and easy to participate in. They provide challenges that young people can attempt, practice and then attempt again to see if they can improve their scores. They are designed to provide a baseline score for each individual taking up the challenges, which they can try and beat over any period of time.

  • Track progress
  • Get personal feedback
  • Compare your scores against average scores
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Access to Activity & Educational resources
  • Create a path to an active lifestyle