If you have any further questions or queries regarding the Activity Challenge or the supporting activities please visit contact www.activitychallenge.co.uk/faq or call the Fit For Sport Activity Challenge team on 020 8742 4990.
Yes they can take the Challenge! If your child is younger than 5 years of age they will automatically be placed in the 5, 6 & 7yrs age range. Don't worry if they aren't quite up to the ranges as they have time to grow! In addition, if your child is over 11yrs of age, they can take the challenge for the older age range. Adults, please feel free to take the challenge too!
Yes, they can take the next set of challenges, though their scores will be set in the ranges related to the older age group. However, be careful not to push your child too hard. The challenges are designed to take into account development in growth and maturity. It is better that your child is challenged at a suitable level and succeeds rather than being pushed too hard so they want to give up! The importance of these challenges is that they are designed to help children develop success over time and to secure the skills needed before moving onto challenges that are more complex and physically demanding.
If your child does not yet have the skill to do one or more of the activities then have a go at the activities we have designed to help your child practice and develop the skills needed. Check out the Activity Challenge instructions on how to adapt the different challenges to suit the activity / home environment. If your child has a disability that prevents them doing the specific challenge, then check out alternatives that will suit their ability.
Your child can improve their scores by developing their skills and the only way to practise frequently! Practise hard and often and your child will also be more physically active! It is important that your child continues to be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day and the suggested games and activities on the Activity Challenge site are perfect for getting everybody in the family active!
Only the Activity Challenge team at Fit For Sport will have access to your child's results. However, you will be able to see them online on your very own dashboard.
You can provide any feedback to activitychallenge@fitforsport.co.uk or call the Fit For Sport team on 020 8742 4990
All Activity Challenge scores are automatically compared against a validity variance range that is based on a series of controlled Activity Challenge tests and results
Yes! Your child can take the Activity Challenge as many times as they want, we recommend 3 times a year
The Activity Challenge tests skills under the pressure of intensive activity. This requires aspects of fitness and skill that can easily be developed and improved. The reason that the challenges are is intensive and tiring as they are is because intensive activity is important for good body growth and development including growing strong and healthy muscles, bones, hearts and lungs. The evidence shows that children who are intensively active during their growing years are much more likely to become fitter, healthy adults - A Journey to an Activity Life'
Each time your child takes the Activity Challenge he/she will see instantly if their score has improved or not. This provides good motivation for your child to try and beat their last score by being even more physically active in-between each Activity Challenge attempt! It also helps if you practise in between!! The recommendation is to take the challenges 3 times a year.
The Activity Challenges have been designed by children's activity experts Fit For Sport and independent researchers including Crichton Casbon (previously lead officer for the National PE Curriculum and OFSTED inspector. www.cccreates.co.uk) The physical activity challenges that the children carry out are designed to be simple and easy to participate in. They provide challenges that young people can attempt, practise and then attempt again to see if they can improve their scores. They are designed to provide a baseline score for each individual taking up the challenges, which they can try and beat over any period of time. The challenges require a combination of skill and aspects of physical fitness, especially ‘stamina’. They provide real challenges for children and young people that, with regular practising and effective support/teaching, will lead to personal improvement.